Flexible DynIce Webbing flag fairing for superwides, separation ropes and deflector straps


DynIce Swallow tail fairing is alternative fairing type to the conventional hairy fairing and the rigid plastic wings. The flag fairing is made from Dyneema® webbing and is fully flexible and can tolerate the pressure when wound on drums under load.

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The swallow tail fairing is patent pending. The aim of the invention it to improve the lifetime and effectiveness of the fairing as hairy faring tends to wear out fast leaving the rope without the needed damping to minimize noise and drag.


The end of the flag is made with two triangular cuts in the webbing to gradually dampen the turbulence behind the rope. This reassembles the tail of the swallow and therefore named swallow tail fairing. Both fairings are freely turning around the rope as the rigid plastic wing fairing.

DynIce Swallow Tail - plain



The flat flag fairing can be attached where needed as the webbing is folded around the rope and the contact area is made with Velcro.


The tails are softer and due to the triangular shape of them a pattern of turbulence should be avoided as the end of the adjacent flag fairings are not in line but in zigzag configuration.

DynIce Swallow Tail - wing



The streamlined flag fairing is made wing shaped with the means of flexible foam in-between the contact areas. As the foam can tolerate compression the rope can be wound on drum and the foam will regain its shape when released.


The wing form will give minimal drag due to its shape and is especially useful on deflector straps.

Foil fairings are especially effective when the rope is towed perpendicular to the towing direction.


For optimal lifetime it is recommended to use coverbraided rope as the coverbraid will protect the rope from abrasion created by movement of the foil fairings.




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